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We are happy to announce, that the Ljubljana arbitration Centre (LAC) has recently launched its new Ljubljana mediation Rules (in force as of 1. January 2019).

Ljubljana mediation rules follow the latest trends in institutional mediation and offer fast and cost-effective settlement of disputes. Users can benefit from:


When do Ljubljana mediation rules apply?

The application of the Ljubljana mediation rules may be agreed upon at any time before or after a dispute has arisen. These Rules apply if the parties agree to attempt to reach through a neutral third person (mediator) the amicable settlement of their disputes under the auspices of the LAC, irrespective of whether for these proceedings the parties use the term mediation, conciliation, reconciliation or any other similar term.

Where the parties wish to refer their dispute to LAC mediation, it is recommended that they include into their contract one of the LAC model clauses:

  • Model LAC Mediation Clause (Obligation to refer the dispute to the LAC Mediation Rules) or
  • Model LAC Combined Clauses:

o   Obligation to refer the dispute to the LAC Mediation Rules followed by LAC arbitration if required

o   Obligation to refer the dispute to the LAC Mediation Rules followed by LAC expedited arbitration if required

 Parties may adapt the LAC model clauses according to their needs.


How to commence mediation?

Ljubljana Mediation Rules provide for two ways of the Commencement of Mediation:

  • all parties jointly request the commencement of a mediation or
  • one party (through the LAC) proposes another the Commencement of Mediation. In this case the LAC may assist the parties in establishing contact among them.


Why choose Ljubljana mediation rules?

  1. mediation in combination with LAC arbitration or expedited arbitration (“one-stop-shop”)
  2. parties can tailor the proceedings according to their needs (flexibility)
  3. parties may freely choose mediators
  4. confidentiality
  5. fast and cost-effective settlement of disputes