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Appointing authority - Commencement

The LAC may provide the following services as appointing authority:

  1. appointment of arbitrators, mediators or other third-party neutrals;
  2. appointment of substitute arbitrators, mediators and other third-party neutrals;
  3. appointment of experts;
  4. decision on challenges of arbitrators;
  5. assistance in fixing the fees and expenses of arbitrators, mediators and other third-party neutrals as well as review of such fees and expenses.

The LAC may be designated as appointing authority by contract, law, agreement of the parties to the dispute or by the Secretary-General of the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague.

In these cases, the LAC shall apply its Rules of the Ljubljana Arbitration Centre at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for the provision of services in the role of appointing authority. These Rules are in force as of 1 May 2023.

A request shall be submitted to the LAC by e-mail and must be:

  1. in writing
  2. in one of the languages of correspondence of the LAC (English or Slovenian);
  3. dated;
  4. signed by the requesting party/parties or its/their duly authorized representative(s). If the request is signed by a representative, it must enclose proof of the authorization.

A request shall include the following information:

  1. the names, addresses and contact details (e-mail addresses, telephone) of the parties and their representatives;
  2. a description of the dispute;
  3. a description of the requested type of service pursuant to Article 2(3);
  4. the dispute resolution clause and the agreement by the parties designating the LAC as appointing authority;
  5. a copy of the request for arbitration / statement of claim or other initial written submission, the answer to the request for arbitration / statement of claim, as well as any further relevant submissions or correspondence by the parties;
  6. the name and nationality of any arbitrator(s), mediator(s), third-party neutral(s) or expert(s) already appointed, if any, information on the method of appointment, and any declaration made by them;
  7. language of the proceedings, seat of the arbitration and the applicable law.

If the LAC is requested to act as appointing authority under these Rules, the requesting party/parties shall pay a non-refundable administrative fee in the amount of EUR 1,500 for each service requested under Article 2(3), except for the decision on challenges of arbitrators, where a fee in the amount of EUR 3,000 shall apply for each service requested. A request will be processed only after full payment of the administrative fee.

In exercising its functions of an appointing authority, the LAC will do so through its Board.

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