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Cost calculator

The costs of arbitration shall be determined in accordance with the The LAC Procedures for the Administration of Cases Under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules.

The Secretariat shall determine the amount to be paid by the parties as an advance on the costs of the arbitration. As a rule, the Claimant and the Respondent shall each pay half of the advance.

The costs of the arbitration consist of the fees of the Arbitral Tribunal, the administrative fee of the LAC and the costs of the Arbitral Tribunal and the LAC (reasonable costs incurred in the course of proceedings). The LAC shall determine the costs of the arbitration based on the amount in dispute. The amount in dispute shall be determined as the aggregate value of all claims and counterclaims and set-off claims (the latter shall not be included if their consideration does not represent a significant increase of the workload). If the amount in dispute exceeds EUR 50,000,000, the costs of the arbitration shall be determined by the Board for each individual case.

Below is a cost calculator for a rough calculation of the costs of the arbitration.

Upon filing the Request for Arbitration, the Claimant must pay a registration fee. How to commence arbitration?


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