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Joint UNCITRAL-LAC Conference on Dispute Settlement

The conference is organized jointly by UNCITRAL and the Ljubljana Arbitration Centre (LAC) and will take place at the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday, 9 April 2019.

More about the 2019 conference

WHEN: 9 April 2019
WHERE: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Dimičeva 13, Ljubljana, Slovenia
WHO: arbitrators, lawyers representing parties in arbitrations, in-house counsel, state officials and globally operating businesses

On the day following the conference (10 April 2019), the Ljubljana Willem C. Vis Pre-Moot will take place, which will be a good opportunity for the teams for one final practice before the Moot in Vienna.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Ljubljana.

Pierre Tercier

"Facilitating the resolution of disputes

Commercial arbitration is becoming the custom avenue for resolving disputes. It is essential that it operates in a satisfactory manner, so that it does not become an obstacle to the access to justice. It is necessary to identify the weaknesses that it presents, especially the increasing complexities, in order to assist in its proper operation."


Franz Schwarz

"Arbitration is subject to competing tensions: between efficiency and quality; between cost and complexity; between flexibility and predictability. This panel will explore the advantages and pitfalls of expedited proceedings; where they make sense; and how to best manage them as counsel and as arbitrator."



Venus Valentina Wong

"Arbitration is typically the last, but often unavoidable stage of escalation in a construction dispute if other pre-arbitral mechanisms have not resolved the dispute. Parties should thus pay attention to both substantive and procedural issues from the very beginning of the construction project."



Jure Levovnik

"From arbitration practitioner’s perspective, explaining and proving to the arbitral tribunal the amount of damage incurred by its party, or to refute the other party’s argumentation and evidence on damage, can be one of the most challenging tasks in international arbitration damage cases. Presenting issues of quantum as clearly and understandably as possible is not only a matter of constructing a solid bridge between applicable legal provisions on damages on the one hand and often complex economic issues and calculations on the other, but above all a matter of increasing the likelihood that the tribunal will fully understand and, eventually, adopt the argumentation presented by the party."


Maja Menard

"Expedited proceedings are not yet used frequently enough in practice, in my view in large part due to a misapprehension of their expedited nature. Parties too often negatively interpret expedited as (too) simplified and doubt the appropriateness of such proceedings even for disputes that would, in fact, be most efficiently resolved by recourse to expedited proceedings."



Michael Nueber

“Expedited proceedings are a quite recent phenomenon in international arbitration with the main goal to save the parties’ costs and time. However, whereas expedited proceedings make sense in some cases, I witnessed parties complaining about the insufficient fact-finding as well as a rather surprising final award by the arbitral tribunal or the sole arbitrator.”