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The Ljubljana Arbitration Centre is an autonomous arbitration institution that operates at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and is independent from it. We have been settling disputes since the establishment of the Tribunal of the Ljubljana Chamber of Trade, Craft and Industry in 1928. The LAC is composed of the Board and the Secretariat.

The LAC:

  • administers the resolution of domestic and international disputes by arbitration in accordance with the Ljubljana Arbitration Rules of the Ljubljana Arbitration Centre at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (the Ljubljana Arbitration Rules) and other rules and procedures agreed by the parties;
  • provides information concerning arbitration, mediation, conciliation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Arbitration is a procedure for resolving disputes before the Arbitral Tribunal that can be composed of one or more arbitrators. The parties may appoint the Arbitral Tribunal themselves and authorise it to reach a final decision on the dispute by making an arbitral award. An award is final and binding on the parties. As regards the parties, an award has the effect of a final and binding court judgment.

Arbitration enables the parties to agree on all relevant aspects of the proceedings (the number of arbitrators, procedural rules, the seat of the arbitration, the language of the proceedings, etc.).

In practice, parties decide to settle matters by arbitration due to numerous advantages it brings compared with the settlement of disputes before a state court, such as:

  • the speediness and efficiency of proceedings;
  • the high professional standards of decision-making;
  • the confidentiality of the proceedings;
  • the parties’ flexibility in tailoring the proceedings.

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