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Aleš Galič, Ph.D. is to replace Rajko Knez, Ph.D. as vice-chairperson of the Ljubljana Arbitration Centre at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (the LAC).

Aleš Galič is a full professor at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Law, specializing in civil procedure, European civil procedure, arbitration, ADR and International Private Law. Since 1997, he is a Legal Advisor to the Constitutional Court of Slovenia. He is a member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration (Since 2009), the International Association of Procedural Law, and National Board for Alternative Dispute Resolution, established by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia. In 2007 he received the National award »the lawyer of the year«, given by the Assembly of Law Associations of the Republic of Slovenia for the most outstanding annual achievement in law. Mr. Galič was also a member of a task force for drafting Ljubljana Arbitration Rules (2014).


The LAC is one of the leading arbitral institutions in the regions of the CEE and SEE. Since its inception in 1928, the LAC has administered several hundred commercial disputes. To be able to live up to the expectations of their users from the region, the Ljubljana Arbitration Rules are available, in addition to the original English and Slovenian versions, in German, Serbian, Macedonian and Croatian, with the Russian and Albanian versions coming soon. The LAC is the only arbitral institution that provides its services to its users from the ex-Yu region in their local languages. Longstanding experience and unparalleled services in administering commercial disputes involving parties from the regions of the Adriatic and ex-Yu make the LAC a convenient forum for the settlement of commercial disputes in the region.