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As of today, the new 2023 Ljubljana Arbitration Rules come into force.

The new 2023 Ljubljana arbitration rules are replacing the 2014 Ljubljana arbitration rules and take into account most recent developments in international arbitration practice and procedure, and are aimed at better serving the needs of the businesses, counsel, institutions, pubic law entities and other users of LAC-administered arbitration.

Main novelties include inter alia * an obligation to disclosure third-party funding in order to assist the arbitrators in complying with impartiality and independence requirements; * appointment of the administrative secretary of the arbitration tribunal; * introduction of a mandatory case management conference; * introduction of the possibility of organizing oral hearings remotely; * stressing the significance of the principle of good faith in the arbitral tribunal’s decisions of on the costs; * more comprehensive regulation of confidentiality of the proceedings; * cost-related incentives for using the “mediation window” within the arbitration proceedings and for using multitier dispute resolution services pursuant to Ljubljana mediation Rules and Ljubljana arbitration Rules; *

The new 2023 Ljubljana arbitration rules also include necessary procedural and functional improvements, which serve to ensure greater efficiency of proceedings. The amounts of administrative fees and arbitrators’ fees (tables A and B of the Schedule of costs) are not subject to change.

The Ljubljana arbitration Centre (LAC) is one of the leading arbitration institutions in the regions of Central and South-eastern Europe. The field of commercial disputes that are resolved before the LAC is diverse and includes all aspects of international business, including international sales, distribution, agency, telecommunications, energy, construction, joint ventures, transport, mergers and acquisitions, finance and banking, insurance, concessions, public-private partnerships, etc.

In its 95-year history, the LAC has played an important role in resolving commercial disputes in Slovenia and beyond. Several hundred of the most demanding commercial disputes have been successfully resolved under our auspices. We have created our own arbitration practice and knowledge on which we are building the future.

We are convinced that the new Ljubljana Arbitration Rules will serve future generations as a modern framework for resolving commercial disputes.