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Conference programme 2018

Turning shadow into light


9.00-9.30 Registration
9.30-9.45 Welcome addresses 
Celebrating 60 years of the New York Convention and 90 years of the Ljubljana Arbitration Centre

9.45-10.10 Keynote address  
Emmanuel Gaillard
(Shearman & Sterling, Paris)
10.10-11.40 60th Anniversary of the New York Convention

  Panel: Recent trends in the application of the Convention
The New York Convention is one of the most important and successful United Nations Treaties in the area of international trade law and its 60th Anniversary is a welcome occasion to review recent trends and developments in its application. We will focus in particular on the following topics: 

• The New York Convention as a fleet in being: voluntary compliance with arbitral awards
• The arbitration agreement
• The notion of public policy 
• The interplay of domestic law and the New York Convention

Roundtable: Enforcing foreign arbitral awards in the region

Despite the uniformity of the universal legal framework of the Convention, the conditions for enforcement of arbitral awards differ between jurisdictions. We will examine how to enforce foreign arbitral awards in select jurisdictions (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary). Practitioners from the region will present the practice and relevant case law of the local courts in applying the Convention in their respective jurisdictions.
11.40-12.00 Coffee/Tea Break
12.00-13.20 Roundtable: Role of arbitral tribunals in combatting economic crime in international arbitration

  In a world of increased transparency and compliance regulations arbitral tribunals are increasingly coming across potential illegal activities of the parties. Money laundering, corruption and bid-rigging are frequently masked under seemingly legitimate contracts and disputes arising from those contracts may end up in arbitration. In the roundtable we will examine the role of arbitral tribunals and propose solutions aimed at combatting economic crime.

The topics will include in particular:
• Red flags - How to identify criminal activities: Perspective of arbitral tribunals and counsel
• Power and duty of the tribunal to investigate suspicions of economic crime on its own motion
• Burden and standard of proof: Who should prove what?
• Evidence manipulation by party or counsel
• Legal effects of economic crime on the arbitrability of the dispute, the merits of the case and the enforceability of the award
13.20-14.20 Buffet lunch
14.20-16.30  Hot topic:  Third Party Funding in International Arbitration - Reshaping the Landscape of Dispute Resolution

In light of the upcoming final report of the ICCA-Queen Mary Task Force on Third-Party Funding in International Arbitration, we have prepared a stimulating afternoon session on the current developments of third party funding. The roundtable will provide a 360 degree scrutiny of intricate issues of third party funding and consider whether and how principles of best practice can evolve in the industry.

We will examine in particular:
• The growing trend of transparency
• disclosure and conflicts of interest
• the mechanics of third party funding
• decisions on costs and security for costs
• specificities of third party funding in investment arbitration
16.30 Cocktail reception

The speakers will be announced soon.

Utrinki iz prejšnjih konferenc

KDAJ: 20. marec 2018
KJE: Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije, Dimičeva 13, Ljubljana, Slovenija
KDO: odvetniki, arbitri, pravniki iz gospodarstva, mednarodno usmerjeni podjetniki in predstavniki državnih institucij

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